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August 2013 - Codesigned Collaborative LTD



Psychology of Color

  • By katelev2

This is a seriously interesting infographic that I found on a LinkedIn in a post for the Visual Thinking group.

As a graphic recorder, I tend to use very little color on dry erase boards, and slightly more on foam boards. This infographic got me thinking how I can effectively incorporate color to cater to the meeting participants. It’s also just full of some fun and interesting facts.


Psychology of Color Infographic
Infographic by WebpageFX



Inspiration at its Best

  • By katelev2

Inspiration is something that I look for everywhere. Not only does it feel incredible when I find inspiration, it also drives my creativity and evolves my work.

I saw this video narrated by philosopher, Alan Watts, and it dawned on me: I am so lucky that I found this job and I LOVE it…




Summer Productivity!

  • By katelev2

Summer and productivity do NOT have to be mutually exclusive words. We all know what happens up until Labor Day…we take some well-deserved time off to relax with the family or travel around and experience new things.

This is the PERFECT time to schedule a meeting and MAXIMIZE the days that you and your team are available to…

  • …create a roadmap for the rest of 2013
  • …align on a vision and create cultural change in your organization
  • …prioritize projects cross-functionally and evaluate resources to fund them

Why not take that energy from the sunshine and time off and channel your new-found creativity into your work? Here is an interesting article on how taking a “time out” can boost creativity.

Let’s make some decisions! Now is the time!