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Why utilize me for your next meeting?

I can provide real-time graphic facilitation, storyboarding, and process facilitation for your next meeting.

  • Graphic Facilitation (Digital or Analog)…
  1. …is a tool for visual learners; people who are more visual can see the conversation form in front of their eyes and better contribute to the conversation
  2. …is a live record of what decisions are made during the meeting and creates accountability for next steps 
  3. …sure beats PowerPoint
  • Storyboarding…
  1. …is a way for people inside or outside of your organization to educate meeting participants on important pieces that directly impact your specific project; instead of receiving this education via PowerPoint, I can work with the presenter to create a compelling storyboard
  2. …is an advantageous approach to PowerPoint because there is iteration between the presenter and myself which boils down the education piece to what is really important to share
  • Process Facilitation…
  1. …is logistical decision-making of which I have over 9 years of experience; for example, it may make sense for meeting participants to work in parallel on 2 or more burning issues; I can help create efficient teams and facilitate movement in and out of smaller groups while ensuring capture of all decisions, on the fly
  2. …is a mandatory element to any meeting; I have seen all different scenarios which means I can help keep things moving and suggest ways to iterate and challenge ideas and decisions

These elements can be wrapped up into a PowerPoint deck or PDF for you to take away and work on after the meeting. I can also give you the physical boards to take away by drawing on foam boards instead of dry erase.

For more about my experience, view my LinkedIn profile:

About Kate on a personal level: I live, run, ride my bike, and find inspiration in San Francisco, California.