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What is Graphic Recording?

  • By katelev2

What is Graphic Recording? Symmetry50 wrote an excellent article about Why Startups Should Hire a Graphic Recorder. Here’s a perfect reason why in an excerpt from that article, “…Through keen listening, the artist captures and synthesizes your ideas using hand drawn images and words, in real time. This large-scale illustration of the conversation is packed with information which can easily be seen, understood and remembered by the group during and long after the event. Graphic recording creates an engaging, motivating, fun and innovative environment to facilitate group understanding and creativity…”

For the full article, visit:



Reiteration of Venn Diagram Resonates with Graphic Recorders and Facilitators

  • By katelev2

This image has been passed around the twittersphere and instagram until it landed on the graphic facilitation page of facebook. Diagrams are a fantastic way to convey complex information in an easily digestable way.



Follow me and my puppy on Instagram!

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godzilla 4

Meet our new puppy, Godzilla. This has nothing to do with work, but who doesn’t love a french bulldog puppy? Expect lots of frenchies in future scribing.



Sleep on it

  • By katelev2

News in Health, a part of the US Department of Health and Human Services, has published an article on how sleeping can strengthen our memories. The first paragraph of the article highlights something that I saw happen during a session last week:

“…When you learn something new, the best way to remember it is to sleep on it. That’s because sleeping helps strengthen memories you’ve formed throughout the day. It also helps to link new memories to earlier ones. You might even come up with creative new ideas while you slumber….”

The session had a stranger format than usual. The first day was ALL learnings…several rounds of education to get the client up to speed on their current situation. The challenge at the end of the day was to create 2-3 scenarios to build out on day 2. The client wanted to do the same scenario (not really the right one either) in parallel which really would not yield great results. We sent them on a happy hour and let them sleep on it.

After all of those learnings, a little more conversation, and SLEEP, something incredible happened on the morning of day 2. They had come up with 3 solid detailed scenarios and built out assumptions, recommended actions, support required, implications, value statements, etc.

The event was a total success and I love seeing how something that wasn’t totally right can morph its way into something really incredible.



Psychology of Color

  • By katelev2

This is a seriously interesting infographic that I found on a LinkedIn in a post for the Visual Thinking group.

As a graphic recorder, I tend to use very little color on dry erase boards, and slightly more on foam boards. This infographic got me thinking how I can effectively incorporate color to cater to the meeting participants. It’s also just full of some fun and interesting facts.


Psychology of Color Infographic
Infographic by WebpageFX